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Thread: "Casual Gaming" Strikes Again?

  1. If Riddick get's canned (I don't think it will) I will never buy something from activision again, ever. Not that this would be a hard task, but still.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Seik View Post
    Yes. Activision is the new EA. EA is the new...what is the new EA?
    EA is the new Sony. Sony is the new Nintendo. Nintendo is the new Atari. Atari is the new SEGA. SEGA is the new Activision.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by bVork View Post
    You missed Deadly Creatures and Baja. I think THQ is really trying to escape their reputation as a C-grade publisher.
    I'll believe it when I see it. The fact remains that the only worthwhile thing they'd released in recent times was Stuntman Ignition, then when it didn't sell great they axed the franchise. Hopefully with the new batch of stuff they're not so reactionary.

  4. Well to be fair that was the second Stuntman game, and neither sold very well. I think they gave Stuntman more chances than games usually get.

  5. First one was published by Atari. And it wasn't nearly as good.

    Turning around a reputation like that isn't an instantaneous thing, there's no doubt Ignition was fighting an uphill battle, but if THQ had a problem with that I don't see why they would have even pursued the series to begin with. It should have been obvious restoring the franchise would be at least a two step process; one game to restore faith in the series, another to build on that and reap the rewards.

  6. Well the decision wasn't made on Stuntman being a promising but flawed game, it was based on the fact that it sold well and made a lot of money, and they probably expected that Ignition would sell just as well. And it didn't.

    You're overcomplicating the way these people think. They don't understand quality, or the ways that can affect the momentum of a series, and how a bad game can sell well but hurt the next game in the series. They just see Name=Money, Name 2=More Money

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Scourge View Post
    EA is the new Sony. Sony is the new Nintendo. Nintendo is the new Atari. Atari is the new SEGA. SEGA is the new Activision.
    You know you've been playing/reading about games for too many years when you read that and understand it. And what you said makes perfect sense. I (mostly) agree sir.
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    Captain N's team would have Sonic the Hedgehog on it.
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    I don't even the rage I mean )#@($@IU_+FJ$(U#()IRFK)_#
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Bishamon View Post
    The same with THQ. Unless I'm the only one that actually liked Day of Reckoning...
    THQ has never released a good wrestling game pre-No Mercy. They're all clunky pieces of trash. I would much rather play No Mercy of Wrestlemania 2000 than a current-gen Smackdown game.

    Quote Originally Posted by bVork View Post
    I looove the time trials Spider-Man 2. It's a shame no subsequent Spider-Man title has been decent. Activision has some other pretty good stuff, though. I presume you either have no taste or forgot about Call of Duty 4. Radical Entertainment can be good on occasion, too. I really like Hulk: Ultimate Destruction but Scarface is a boring and uninspired GTA clone. Hopefully Prototype turns out well - it looks like Hulk:UD on steroids.
    I thought Call of Duty was EA. Okay, so one series that's good. Get that time trial out of here. Technical excellence is something that's needed in order for a time trial to be done competently. Spiderman 2 did not have that technical excellence. The gameplay was glitchy and instead of proving a real challenge you felt cheaped out of a victory, which is the bane of any fun in any video game.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda View Post
    Was Psychonauts no real loss? I mean yeah the game came out, but it cost them a lot of time, momentum, and ultimately the marketing that might have made the difference for that game.
    Really? no it wouldn't have. For the same reason beyond good and evil and okami and whatever other game that forums like this one pine over, it wouldnt have been much bigger than it was. I would like to think a smart, well written and ultimatly great game would ever be a big seller, but I also cannot remember the last time one actually sold well on a console. People dont want clever and funny, and they sure as hell dont want platformers, they want true crime and carnival games and 50 cent games, now those sell.
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    Squall's a dick.


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