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Thread: FS: Blast Works (New, Wii)

  1. FS: Blast Works (New, Wii)

    I grabbed an extra copy at Best Buy for $9.99 incase anyone here missed out on the "sale." It's back up to $19.99, but they hadn't replaced the $9.99 price tag before I got there. You, too, can be a beneficiary of their negligence!

    $9.99 + $2 to cover shipping. I'm also open to trades, especially if you're looking to move some NGPC or TG shiz.

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    I'll take that, the Best Buy here didn't have the game. Just let me know how you want the cash.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  3. Right on. I PM'd the payment info.

  4. Is this a sequel to Blast Corps?

  5. Do you think I'd be sharing if it was?

  6. I want a sequel to Blast Corps.

  7. Unfortunately, RARE does not share their fans' enthusiasm for the series.

    All we're getting out of them for a while is Banjo-Kazooie garbage.

  8. Blast Corps was fucking awesome.
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    K3V is awesome!


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