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Thread: Modded PS2 and PSOne (w screen) for sale.

  1. Modded PS2 and PSOne (w screen) for sale.

    Pics when I get out of work.

    PS2 is a slim system. Laser replaced 4 months ago. Comes with component cables, memory card and dual shock. Fitted with a crystal chip. Picky with PS1 games. Plays all PS2 just fine. $150 + $10 to ship.

    PSOne was bought a couple months ago (from Gamevet). Box and docs are a bit tattered. System is MINT except for the serial number sticker on the bottom. Comes with official lcd. Fitted with a mod chip. $100 + $10 to ship.

    Several people have bought from me here (Melf off the top of my head). Ebay feedback under atomicbally, heatware under misterb.

    All items shipped via UPS with insurance.
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  2. You SOB.

    Seriously, the PSOne is in great shape. When I'd bought it from Fry's, the box was a little beat up and the serial number got slightly damaged because of it. I've only played the console a couple of times and the LCD was flawless, with not one dead pixel. It's in mint condition.

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  4. Sold. please close.

  5. Close it yourself, noob. How long have you been posting here?


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