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Thread: New crap

  1. New crap

    More new crap! This is what I've been working on since the last update. Sorry for any shitty photography, any distortions are surely the camera's fault.

    Let me know what you think!

    All Rise
    Ink on Paper

    Hurricane Lamp
    Acrylic & Ink on Canvas

    Ink on Canvas

    Ink on Paper

    Drunkard's Dream
    Graphite on Paper

    Save your Money
    Acrylic on Paper

    Ink on canvas
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  2. The first one is good, but the second one is really working for me big-time.

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    lol second one is tentacle rape

  4. Good stuff. First ones facial expression is cool... could be "the moment before a smile" or the "I gotta pose for this shit again" look.

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    Great stuff, JM! I love your linework. Neat textures on the painting, too, has a sort of blue jeans feel to it.
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  6. The second one is awesome.
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    Vines is raping my eyes and it's so meaty they can't utter no.
    First one is also damn good, you have quite an impressive handle on your style, every piece has been great so far.

  8. New and improved crap in the first post!

  9. Can you up "Drunkard's Dream" in 1680 x 1050?
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  10. Holy shit! I just may get a one man show in New Orleans off of this new black and white work.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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