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Thread: Grand Slam Tennis Season 10

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    Serena lost again. Third time in the Grand Slam schedule this year she was "shocked." When are people going to stop being shocked? She's 34 and her opponents are all younger. Her opponent today is 24. Can't beat time. 2015 might have been her peak.
    She clearly had an issue with her knee. Hardest part about being 34 is staying completely healthy, which you kind of need to be to win Slams. Big credit to Pliskova, though, for holding up under what must've been intense pressure. Pulling for Kerber, though.

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    Tennis has been seeing new trends over the last two decades where athletes are viable into their thirties. It's been a weird trend but the best players are staying on top much longer than they used to. Nobody can figure out if it's because the up and coming players are just less talented or if the top pros are just better at taking care of themselves.
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  3. HGH is a thing

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    Yeah maybe drugs

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    My friend had already done this research but five thirty eight picked up on it too.
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    There are no rules, only consequences.


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