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Thread: Grand Slam Tennis Season 10

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    Grand Slam Tennis Season 10

    The Barclay's Classic is in my backyard.

    And it's a huge fucking hassle. We need special permits to drive up and down our street because everyone in the world is going to fucking park on it, so we have to prove we live here.

    We are supposed to get some free tickets to the event though, so hey hey, I get to go see some pro golfers. Exciting right? Except Tiger isn't playing the rest of the year, so fuck that.

    Anyway if anyone around is remotely interested in this I'll probably have an extra ticket for the practice rounds and the thursday/friday rounds.
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    Tournament Website

    My House

    The golf course this tourney is on is down and to the right of my house, aka southeast. (Ridgewood Country Club)

    I've played this course before.
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    I seriously have no idea what to do with these tickets.
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    Well it was pretty cool to see the blimps flying around and to hear the cheers from my deck and the television simultaneously, but other than that, golf is boring as shit.

    Let's get on to the real business: the US Open (Tennis!) started today and some exciting shit went down.

    Nadal won in three sets, but a TOUGH three sets, against some weird German-Asian qualifier who could run like the dickens.

    James Blake was taken to 5 sets by young upstart David Young in a match that had me biting my nails for my favorite.

    Del Potro, another young kid who is currently on a METEORIC rise through the singles ranks, comes into the US Open with a 28-8 record on the year, and he's won his last four tournaments. He's on a four-tournament win streak. That's amazing in and of itself. Tonight he played the vet-on-his-way-out Guillermo Canas, found himself down a set (smashed a raquet afterwards) and TWO breaks, and then climbed straight out of it and beat Canas down for a convincing four set win. He's the one I'm really keeping my eye on this open. He's got a decent draw (with Ferrer as the high seed) and he could actually move up to the top ten before the year is out, and I've never even heard of him before I saw him beat Roddick in one of the Open series finals.

    Those are the three big stories I remember from today, but there was some more exciting stuff going on. I don't really give much of a fuck about the women's draw.

    I'm going on Monday. I'm very stoked.
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  5. I'm pretty jealous.

  6. Golf Tournaments are a good time. I've gone to the Dunlop Phoenix the last few years, it's fun.
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  7. I'm going to the day session today. The only bad thing is that everything at the U.S. Open is stupidly expensive. Ie... 20oz plain Dasani water = $4.00

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    Yes, yes it is. That's absolutely true.

    Let me know who you saw today. I'm not sure what they'll show on tv but I hope they show the Haas match and Sam Querrey.

    It's always fun to see if any of the stupid young Americans who get get into the main draw because of the home court advantage can make a dent. So far, not really. Actually, one young American beat Rocchus, so that's something.
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    Boy I'm pretty happy with the coverage so far. I've seen at least a bit of every match I've wanted to see, including Sam Querrey and now Haas v Gasquet.

    Haas v Gasquet are the types of matches that I really like to watch. Guys of similar skill grinding away at each other through a bunch of tiebreakers.
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  10. I was there last night and saw a few great matches. The Bobby Reynolds match was hysterical - there were a bunch of drunk guys chanting/cheering for him throughout his entire 5 set victory and afterwards he pointed to them and said the next beer is on him and they followed him to the bar. LOL.


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