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Thread: Let's Cooking: TNL!

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    Helllll yes we make a ton of indian food. A lot of it goes right into one or two of our slow cookers.
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    Hi! Not been around here in awhile. Super busy at work and stuff. I believe the August or September issue of Bon Apetite will have a recipe from us in it for our breakfast monkey bread. Maybe even a step by step video. Our sister restaurant just made their top 50 new restaurants. They seemed to like my danishes also.

    Here lately I've been doing tons of bread, croissants, danish and kouign amann. I'm hoping to soon get back into dessert production.
    This is your restaurant?!
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    There are no rules, only consequences.

  3. What is the best chili recipe? Be advised that I'll be replacing the meat with a ground sausage replacement* because it's like that. I have jalapeņos on a plant out front, so those are going in there too.

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    I don't know that recipe, and it's super subjective. What style of chili are you after? There are many.

    Also, I bought some canned chili for hot dogs and the "beanless" chili still has soy in it. Isn't that false advertising? Can we get a class-action suit going?
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  5. My basic chili is just long cooked meat with cumin/coriander as the forward spices. I like a bit of heat, so I add a bunch of hot sauce after the fact.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Cowutopia View Post
    This is your restaurant?!
    No that was a place I was working. I've moved on once again heh. Now I'm working for a restaurant group run by a local celeb chef/restauranteur. So for the late reply, I'm hardly around here anymore.

    If anyone is interested, you can follow my food/music on instagram at rtificial_flava, be sure to say hi so I know you're not a bot.

  7. Try that shit I posted in chat.
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    Do any of you... cook?

    I made some ribs and wings today but I didn’t really get a picture. Here’s all I got to show for it. Wings on the grill have a good flavor, but I still like the texture of the deep fried ones most. I might try smoking and trying one day. I gave the ribs a dry rub and smoked for about two hours before giving up with the grill in the rain and finished them off in the oven. They were great!
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  9. I roasted some beets yesterday, ate too many because they were THE JAM, then shit red today. That's topical.

  10. I made a rad pizza with my husband and while I was trying to push the oven rack back in while the pizza was on it, and the pizza slipped off the pan and landed on the bottom of the oven. we rescued 75% of it, but I was reminded why I despise cooking. Because I am a clumsy bitch.
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