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Thread: Let's Cooking: TNL!

  1. My chicken turned out really awesome. I actually just made a quick rub out of rosemary, paprika and salt and pepper and grilled it in a pan with butter, onions and mushrooms for 12 minutes and served it over some rice. It was simple but tasted proper. The chicken was cooked perfectly. Really juicy and tender.

    I love chipotle chicken so I'll be doing a chipotle rub next.

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    I came across this recipe and figured I'd share it for all of you vegans/vegetarians. It looks pretty nice and I'm not too much into the whole vegan cooking. So someone give it a go and tell me how it is.

    It's not one of those "oh lemme find a subsitute for meat" recipe but something that anyone can enjoy.

    Walnut-Lentil burger

    You can make it with or with out eggs depending on how much of a vegetarian you are or how you want it to look/taste.

    Original recipe here

    Here is a variation of it from another blog, if you'd like another option on this recipe.

    It looks like a falafel burger or something. I love falafel way more than shawarma.
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  2. Lentil patties rock my anus.

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    I might be cooking a whole turkey I have in the freezer for a friend's birthday next week. How can I cook it and not make it taste like Thanksgiving? If I had a bigger grill or a smoker you better believe that's what I would use.


  5. Turducken time.

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    I would really want to, but the closest deep fryer is my BIL's, 75 miles and $20 in oil away

    I responded to Craigslist ad about a cheap smoker ($10 cheap); let's see if that pans out. Smoked meat is delicious meat. I also saw a restaurant flat top grill for $200... if only I had a 240 v outlet and the space.

  7. I made cheese herb bubble bread. Mmmmmm.
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    Wow, that looks awesome. Good job nom-noms.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Tones View Post
    I responded to Craigslist ad about a cheap smoker ($10 cheap)
    You can make a smoker out of a cardboard box.

    Actually, let me rephrase that: A cardboard box is a smoker.
    Boo, Hiss.

  10. I've been on a mushroom kick of late, today I marinated some portabello caps in Italian dressing and tossed them on a grill, next to some sirloin burgers, stacked em both on a bun with some melted swiss, and provolone, fucking awesome...

    Tommorow night I am going to use the rotisserie the the grill I bought this year for the second time, nice pork roast, rubbed down with some Goya Sazón. Did this for the first time a few weeks ago, came out awesome, nice and tender and juicy.
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