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Thread: X-COM - $5 on Steam (TNL VS. Mars, post #70 and up. THANX MVS)

  1. X-COM - $5 on Steam (TNL VS. Mars, post #70 and up. THANX MVS)

    Yes, this needs its own thread.

    Quite possibly the best strategy game ever is up on Steam. Ridiculously cheap.

    The best part is that unlike the Terror From The Deep release a few months back, this one actually runs at the correct speed. AND it works in Vista if you have it.

    (The other X-COM sequels/sideprojects are also available but I like to pretend they don't exist)
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    Hey, X-Com Apocalypse is pretty good too.

    I wonder if the Steam downloads include digital versions of the cool manuals that the games originally came with.

  3. Doesn't seem to be any manual, period. And you're going to need one if you've never played before. The game throws you in headfirst.

    edit: I remember playing (and finishing) Apocalypse. Interesting game but it's nothing to the original.

    edit^2: I LIED, THERE IS A MANUAL:
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  4. This might be the third time I purchase UFO Defense. The 2-disc X-Com set from years back has that Win95 version, and it works after patching, but still has the occasional crash. $5 might be worth it.

    edit: it's Dosbox. I might as well just set that up myself.
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  5. omg omg omg omg omg...



    where my credit card

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    Well shit, I was about to buy this game until someone mentioned that the manual is pretty much required. Any word on that?
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  7. You still exist?

  8. You can download the manual right here.

    Everyone who's never played this should be DLing the game btw.
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    OK so I have this game legit and stolen AND for the ps1 but I'm going to buy it anyway because it's THAT FUCKING GOOD. Everyone go buy it!
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    HEY it says there's a "Complete Pack" for 14.99 but I don't see it!
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