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Thread: Good Old Games

  1. Good Old Games

    Their selection of DRM free games for $5.99 and $9.99 flat rates doesn't seem bad. Plus you get guides, wallpapers, soundtracks and add-ons for some games for free.

  2. The big thing here is that all of the games on this service will be XP and Vista compatible. So awesome.

    Make sure you sign up for the beta before the 7th. If you do, you'll get one free Interplay game when the service finally launches.

  3. I think I may be missing a disc for Freespace 2 so maybe I'll grab that, though I want to wait on playing it again for when I have a decent flight stick. Sacrifice was also awesome and I haven't played that in forever.

    Good find, though damned where I'm going to time to play those.

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    do they have the lucasarts (ADVENTURE) games yet? I'm dying to actually pay for them

    lol I actually have all the games they have up there on the front page.
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  5. Just received my beta key email so check your emails! I don't have time now to check out the service until later or tomorrow but if you do give it a try leave some impressions.

  6. Hmph. Didn't get one yet.

  7. I purchased Fallout for 5.99 and immediately got a coupon code for a free Interplay game and of course I used it for Fallout 2. I never played either game (yea..shame on me). The downloads were fast and there is no "Good Old Games" interface or anything..just download what you bought. You'll find a list of your purchased games in your account page with links to download the game executable, wallpaper, manual and old school reference sheet and the fallout soundtrack. Each executable is its own GOG installer and each game goes under "" in the start menu.

    The games work flawlessly under my Vista install and on my hdtv the games fill the screen (though I guess that will be different depending on what your display is). Since each game is its own executable you can always save it to DVD with all the extras though of course you can redownload them at the website anytime. I'm impressed and I hope these guys do well.

    I'll pick up the MDK games next since I never played the original and only briefly played the Dreamcast MDK2.

  8. After being hooked on Beneath a Steel Sky, I decided to support the DRM-free version of Painkiller on GOG and nabbed Fallout 1 out of curiosity.

    Question, now: The PC version of Earthworm Jim 2 offered here... does it have all of the enhancements from the Saturn version?

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    I'd think "not making you drag your Saturn out into daylight again" would be a pretty decent enhancement.
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  10. My Saturn is hooked up and ready to receive Sexy Parodius whenever I decide it proper, Mr. Dawg.

    Don't worry, she likes it.


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