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Thread: Podcasts

  1. And also GeekNights, especially now that Fast Karate does like two episodes a year since Joel had a kid.

    (Although Dave and his wife Graziella are picking up some of the slack with a separate show called Friends from the Internet that AFAIK they never mentioned on the main feed; I only recently found out about it while looking at the website.)

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

  2. Going to pimp Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast again. The latest show had Larry Kenney as a guest. I had no idea who that person was. Then I heard him speak. He's a voice guy. He's the Cocoa Puffs bird. He's Count Chocula. He's also Lion-O and Jackalman and a bunch of other cartoon voices.
    Really funny, really interesting show.

  3. Feel free to continue the podcast talk from the completion thread over here.
    Sort of related to the Jeremy Parrish talk is my take on Fatman on Batman.
    It was recommended here a while ago, but based on the banter on Comic Book men and the fact that I'm not a big Batman fan I didn't give it a try until a couple weeks ago. I started at the beginning and it didn't take long for me to decide I liked it IN SPITE OF Kevin Smith. He's had some great guests and usually Batman talk is only a small part of the podcast. His intro is annoying, his recycled expressions are annoying (He must say "You're doing the Lord's work!" a dozen times to each guest every podcast), and worst of all is the constant click-click-click followed by him coughing out his pot smoke.
    There have been a couple of shows (the Stan Lee one stands out) where it's clear that he did not partake, and the show is sooo much better for it. I don't hate Kevin Smith, but I've grown tired of hearing the same stuff come from his mouth for the last 20 years. He can be fun to listen to when he's not baked out of his mind. Is everyone around him too scared to tell him "Dude, we get that you like to get high but you turn into a burnout 30 minutes into the show and it brings it down"?
    I'll keep listening because the inside baseball talk with the comic guys is really interesting but I wish there was someone else talking to them most of the time.


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