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Thread: Done with eBay?

  1. Done with eBay?

    Like many other people, I dissagree with the new direction ebay is taking towards sellers.

    As far as I know, all buyers had negative feedback removed from their profiles. SO, there is no way to tell if a dead beat is bidding on your item.

    Plus, I cannot leave negative feedback either.

    The increase in fees I might have been able to live with, but the balance and usefullness of the feedback system is now worthless.

    The new regulations on shipping media (books, DVD, games, ect), collusion with the USPS, and the monopoly of forcing you to use Paypal AND accept those fees, adding in shipping cost to the final auction (thus increasing ebay's take), it's all really ballsy stuff.

    Ebay is well on it's way to becoming the AOL of online marketplaces.

    After a little research, I've decided to take my stuff to

    It's not auctions, no listing fees, no forced Paypal, balanced feedback system, awesome picture uploader, you can import your ebay feedback, plus some other neat features.

    It bacsially lets you create an online storefront.

    Things they need to work on are the description window. It's too small for easily entering HTML, but you can just type in any text editor and cut and paste.

    If Bonanzle doesn't work, then I'll try something else. But for now this is what I'm using.

    And I'll start it off with my Psychic Killer I'm looking to sell.
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  2. I will look into this, thank you sir for the information.

  3. I noticed this shit with the last round of games I sold, offering only positive feedback for buyers will open a whole load of problems. Definitely will check that out. Thanks.

  4. Thankfully, Paypal kept a long transaction history. I'm going through the history and sending everyone I ever sold something to a link to the site.

    Bonanzle also has an email importer tool. For example, you can access your hotmail contacts and send everyone you want a message/link to promote your site.

    Kept a record of all your ebay sales in your email? Let them know where you'll be from now on.

  5. I absolutely hate ebay now for the exact reasons you listed.

  6. Haven't had an Ebay account opened in years, burned for $1000s on Paypal so if this site can get some hits then I'll be on onboard.
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  7. signed up just to see how this will turn out. ebay thinks they are doing the right thing by lowering listing fees but jacking up the ending fees ten-fold! I rather pay the slighly higher listing fee than the final value fee

  8. WTF, no negative feedbacks??? What kind of ass backwards thinking is this.

  9. Melf gave props to this game seller site, on Sega-16. I'm hoping this site does alright, because it does seem to attract a membership that is catered towards older games and hardware.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    WTF, no negative feedbacks??? What kind of ass backwards thinking is this.
    Yeah, no negative feedback for buyers. They want to encourage honest feedback for sellers without buyers being afraid of getting negative feedback as retaliation. I suppose their intentions are good, but like Jeff said, deadbeats need to be flagged.

    Another gripe I have with eBay is that the maximum shipping charge for videogames is going to be cut to $4.00 USD as of October 1st. Given, it only costs about $2.50-$3.50 to ship a small box or padded envelope via USPS First Class, but that doesn't leave sellers with very much room for packing materials if they don't want to end up upside-down. I typically charge $5.50 to cover the cost of bubble wrap, packing tape, box, etc and I don't mind paying a premium to get the same courtesy as a buyer. I can't imagine how this shit is going to show up in my mailbox, now.


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