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Thread: Supernatural

  1. Supernatural

    Does any one watch this show?? The fourth season started last night. I wanted to hate it because I don't usually enjoy the shows my fiancee watches but it's entertaining and pretty funny.
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  2. I used to watch this show. It's pretty good. I really like how each episode is a good story in its own right, yet still links together to form the larger story arc. I no longer have time to follow it, but I'd like to pick up the DVDs for when I do have time.

  3. this is another show I watch (it's the best thing on cw, reaper close second) and last night was a hell of an opener

    also this show possibly has the best soundtrack of anything on tv

    edit: also, old, hot ruby > new, dumpy ruby
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  4. Yeah, this is one of those guilty pleasures with me. Ill never tell anyone but TNL that I watch it though...

    Its a fun show, and theres guaranteed to be at least one hot chick per episode.

  5. I heard Alice in Chains The Rooster at the end of the episode where they are stuck in a bank being raided by SWAT. So that is fucking amazing.

    I've seen the show on DVD because sometimes my sister heads over and watches it. It seems like a good show, but from what I gather the later episodes aren't as lore based as the first couple I saw. I loved the Bloody Mary one they did with the mirrors. (and I'm positive that Mirrors movie that just came out was just a rip of that concept) And I liked the Wendigo/Native episode they did about cannibalism. That was pretty rockin'. Stuff like the rock salt warding off spirits is a clever gimmick to use for an action based show, too.
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  6. I picked up seasons 1&2 for $19.99 at Best Buy. It's almost like an updated X-Files - I like it so far.

  7. It's an excellent show, and the new season is all kinds of awesome so far.
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  8. Seen a few episodes of this. Surprisingly not bad for a television show, they even generally handle having a shitty budget for special effects pretty well.

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    Borrowed season 1 from a friend, and really enjoyed it. A few of the episodes were quite chilling (asylum, haunted shack one that I can't remember the name to). Some (mostly the early episodes) felt contrived, but overall good show. I look forward to picking up season 2 and 3.

  10. That episode in season 2 with the weird town and the scarecrow fucker was pretty awesome, I need to pick this up.

    This one

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