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Thread: Translation Hack Tsunami

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    Star Cruiser for Mega Drive has been translated -

  2. I remember being intrigued by that game on the X68000.

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    If you do play it, make sure to keep at least one save near an energy recharge station. I'm several hours into it (probably near the end) but I might be trapped on a planet because I don't have enough energy to fly to one with a recharger.

    Aside from having to be careful where you save, the game holds up surprisingly well for a polygon Genesis game from 1990. It's paced well and the mazes aren't crazy brutal like many games back then.

  4. We got a big one yesterday. After many years of failed attempts and abandoned projects, we finally have a 100% complete translation hack for Sakura Taisen. The Saturn version, no less.

    Some of the same people responsible for the Dragon Force II hack worked on this. It's good to see Saturn getting some love from the translation scene. Even if I might have preferred the Dreamcast version.

    I played a little bit if it, and it seems like very high quality work. Gotta finish up a couple games I'm in the middle of before I really dive in, but I'm looking forward to playing it before the new one hits.

  5. I heard about this last night during the MLiG stream. Guess I know what’s next after the Shining Forces. God bless the psuedo Saturn.


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