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Thread: Ghosts, Paranormal, Etc. - Do You Believe?

  1. Ghosts, Paranormal, Etc. - Do You Believe?

    So, it's that time of year. Anybody believe in ghosts? Ever seen one? got a story?

    Latest video of a "ghost" in action

    This one looks a bitty iffy to me. Security motion cameras are the single most bugged devices on the planet. However, share anything you may have if you would.

    I don't personally believe in ghosts, but have had some assorted weird shit happen that I can't expain in my house. Stuff falling off the wall for no reason, chills, hair on back of neck up type shit. However, I have never "sensed" a presence so to speak.
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  2. I believe in forces from the 'other side'. Every time I am taken to a graveyard, I won't get out of the car until I know which way the bodys are laying.

    I also announce that I'm not there to harm or disturb them, hoping nothing messes with me.

    As for 'seeing' anything paranormal, I've only seen the 'Lady in white' here in Elfin Forest, and when my parents were still together, I was taking a nap on their bed and woke up to the sound of a coin hitting the rail at the bottom. I also noticed the smell of brut aftershave in the air. After looking, I found a nickel on the floor, my mom said it was odd since she noticed the odor as well. Turns out the nickel had my grandfathers birth year on it and she told me he wore brut often, this after he had been deceased for a good 4 years and halfway across the country.

  3. Weird! Good story man. This isn't a ghost story, but I remember having a vivid dream of eating dinner with my grandma the day she passed on.

  4. It was pretty much what swung me into believing stuff like that.

    I want to do white noise recordings some day.

  5. I believe in the unicorn.

  6. I won't believe it unless I see it for myself.

  7. Im into spooky places and the "paranormal" myself. I watch Ghost Hunters religiously even though they refuse to let third parties comb through their footage. I'm actually going in November to a place in Ohio to have my own little investigation.

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  10. Amateur video of a REAL GHOST:


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