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Thread: Ghosts, Paranormal, Etc. - Do You Believe?

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  2. Just like aliens, no.

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    A ghost changed my answer!
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  6. I believe in ghosts, I think.

    Back in high school me and 3 of my good friends got drunk in his garage one night and busted out a Ouija board. None of us really believed in it then, we just got it out for shits and giggles and started messing with it. For the record, it wasn't some Hasbro Ouija board, it was a real, wooden honest to God board.

    So we started messing around, first introduced ourselves, called out to any spirits in the area etc etc - the whole thing your supposed to do when you first pull the board out. So anyway, the finder starts moving which was generally spooky because all of us swore we weren't moving it. I know I wasn't. Imagine four sauced guys huddling around a board, knees touching, swearing to each other that they weren't moving it.

    So we eventually found this ghost and we started asking him questions. We asked him a bunch of questions, but the one's that are important to this story are as follows: Are you a guy? Yes. How old? 17. How did you die? Car. What kind of car? Nova.

    We asked it other questions and then finally we asked, "What's your name?" And it started spelling out a bunch of letters that didn't make sense. But my one buddy wrote them down anyway. After the fact, we looked at the name and realized it was probably someones last name - we were expecting the ghost to give us his first name.

    So we pulled out a phonebook and looked up the last name and sure enough we found it in the phonebook. So it was a real name, that was in the area, in the same town we were in no less. We all thought that was kind of weird, got the chills, and ended the night all feeling genuinely disconcerted.

    Now that would have been the end of it, and probably would have been creepy enough, if not for the following happening. A few days later my Dad asked me what I did on Friday night. And I told him we busted out the Oujia board and got kind of spooked and I told him all about the ghost we supposedly "met" and how weird we all felt afterwards.

    Well here's where it gets really cool. After I get done telling my Dad everything, he tells me that he had a friend in high school who died in a car accident on a Friday night in a Chevy Nova WITH THE SAME LAST NAME as the ghost told us. So I'm like, holy shit Dad, srsly? And he's like, yeah, lemme show you a couple pictures of us.

    So we went and rummaged around and found some old pics and sure enough there's this guy. Same last name as the Ouija board spelled out. Same age. Same car (at the time we didn't think "Nova" was a real car, turns out Chevy made them in the 60s). We contacted the ghost on a Friday night, same night he got in a car accident and died. Really, really weird/creepy/cool.

    And prior to this my Dad had never told me any of this (but it would sort of make sense the ghost got in touch with me bc I was the son of his friend). It was news to all of my friends when I told them. It was just crazy how everything matched up perfectly in the end. Now it could all be a weird coincidence, or maybe one of my friends knew all this info before hand (even though we all swore we didnt) - but who knows...maybe we really talked to a ghost that night.
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  7. That was a nice story. The moral: if you die in a chevy nova, you are doomed to eternity in your buddy's garage.

  8. I don't really think one way or the other about it.
    Boo, Hiss.

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    That was a nice story. The moral: if you die in a chevy nova, you are doomed to eternity in your buddy's garage.
    Lol. I know. I don't know what to think about it, other than it happened.
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  10. I don't believe in anything. Man of no faith or the like.

    That said, I have had a dream that was unusually vivid, which stuck in my mind because it was unique that way (Usually, they are beyond weird, not reality-based) and a little while later the exact thing from the dream happened. I distinctly remember thinking about that fact while it was happening.

    I can't explain that.


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