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Thread: Xbox Live Vision Bundle - $50

  1. Xbox 360 II Xbox Live Vision Bundle - $50

    Xbox Live Vision Bundle - $50 at Best Buy stores.
    The bundle includes:
    12 Months Live subscription, Vision Camera, Headset, 200 xbox live points, and codes for 2 xbox live arcade games (Uno and Robotron)

    Marked full price ($80) at my Best Buy today, but it rang up for $50. Decent enough deal I think. Various deal sites are debating over how long this price will last...but hopefully it will be good for as long as they have stock (I think some new bundles are on the way).

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    but I already have Uno and Robotron!
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  3. You can give them to me.
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  4. I might get this so i can get the achievement pointz in burnout.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    I might get this so i can get the achievement pointz in burnout.

  6. I'll be sure to send you a picture of my asshole.

  7. Lttp. My Live expires Nov. 7th and this would be a good deal. I suppose they're sold out by now.
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