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Thread: Epic Games and EA Fight Used Game Sales

  1. Epic Games and EA Fight Used Game Sales

    Sure, used game titles save us a couple bucks, not to mention paying anything less than $59.99 for a software is always a plus. However, while we greatly benefit from purchasing used titles, game developers--who actually made the damn thing we enjoy--doesn't see a single cent in profits from pre-owned title purchases.

    Now, to promote the purchases of fresh new titles, Gears of War 2 developer Epic Games will include a one-time use download code into their title, as a "special gift [for] loyal fans" as said by Epic. The Gears of War 2 download code will include five additional multiplayer maps from the original Gears of War and that's the only way to acquire them--no purchases from Xbox Live Marketplace or any other methods.

    EA's NBA Live 09's much hyped feature, where stats and rosters will be updated daily for PS3 and 360 users, will only be available for free via a one-time use code with purchase of the new titles. Without the code, the feature will cost $19.99. "This is a very expensive tool to use, and if you don't buy it new, then you'll have to pay for this," said by an EA rep on a forum.

  2. Rock Band 2 does the same thing. 20 free songs via DLC, but only with the one-time-use code.

    I'd summon some kind of righteous indignation but I mostly buy new. And I kinda hope Gamestop gets cancer. (Selling used games for $5 off the new price. Fuck em.)

  3. This will lower the resale value of used games, meaning the average consumer will end up buying less games, or wait for the price drops more often. Not such a great idea.
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  4. Anything that hurts Gamestop's shitty abuse of stupid people is ok with me.

  5. how long until we see this kind of shit shifted from "additional content only available with new purchase" to "required downloadable update only available with new purchase"

    edit: didn't see the whole thing, but kinda like what ea is doing with the nba game (lol go figure)

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    If putting Gamestop out of business, or changing their business tactics is the result, I welcome this.
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  7. Actually, changed my mind on this. It sucks because the second your system RRODs, all your games become used.

  8. Oh noes, mah jerrrb!

    I'm all for this if it isn't just a first run, limited time offer. When they're still shipping out GoW2 in two years it better have that code in it, because that's how long it's gonna take me to buy it. Don't think this will stop Gamestop though, while we make a pretty penny on 360 and PS3 a lot of my store's sales come from raping people with PS2 games.

    I should be the one defending GameStop here, but whatever. With the trade values as low as they are it wouldn't hurt the company at all to lower the used prices by $5 more or so, even if the return policy is good. Sometimes it's a stretch trying to pitch buying used when I get "It's only $5 cheaper?" in response.
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    Well, you CAN relicense your content now.

    What concerns me more about this sort of practice is how it will also impact rentals. I hope everyone's least favourite gaming pawnshop goes out of business, but this is also going affect people like me who Gamefly (or Gameaccess in my case) most of the games we play.

  10. What about when GoW2 price drops to $30-40 new? Will people get the DL code then?

    So let me get this right - developers want to be paid twice or more for a game? Somebody had to buy the game new the first time before someone bought it used, right?
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