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    I associated a TNL email address with an account I need to access and I can't remember how to login to TNL mail. Help!

  2. Is it even still available?

  3. thanks

  4. Is that going to be around for a while? I might actually end up using that.
    All is well.

  5. I'm thinking about how to better use the .net e-mail addresses. My original plan was to take them out of that third-party system they're in now, and I had some other plans, but I hit some bumps in the road and haven't made the final decisions yet. In any case, go ahead and sign up. I'll announce any changes here and will more than likely put in a prominent log-in somewhere on the forum pages. (Sidebar, anyone?)

  6. Thanks Nick. I've been registered for this since I signed up years ago, I just plum forgot about it.
    All is well.

  7. Just signed up for it. A sidebar link would be nice (or maybe the top navigation bar). Does it really delete your account after a month of inactivity?

  8. Does it? It didn't used to. Even more reason to revamp the system. More to come.

  9. I don't know. There was a warning about it after I registered.


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