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Thread: Nuon Iron Soldier 3, sealed

  1. Nuon Iron Soldier 3, sealed

    I'm never going to play this, so I'm having a friend sell it for me. It's worth 10 billion dollars, near as I can tell, so just about anything you bid on it is a steal.


  2. i heard k3v likes the nuons

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    Didn't this game have a horrible glitch?

  4. As I understand it, Iron Soldier 3 won't play on certain model Nuons. I really don't know which ones, but I'm willing to bet K3V can fill us in in on the details if he wanders by.


  5. I'd buy it from you if it weren't on Ebay.
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  6. Shou, you've got PM.


  7. It will play on all model NUON machines, but on the Samsung N2000 (Extiva) it will hang occasionally. Otherwise it plays just fine.
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    K3V is awesome!


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