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Thread: Ads on TNL: How to Love Them or Leave Them Behind

  1. Believe me, anyone with a praying hands avatar should steer clear of my hotline, but thanks.

    Your user name color is controlled through your User CP, in case you want to change back to the Veteran style or some other style you have.

  2. The skyscraper ad being on the right hand side makes sense to the layout of the site. Everyone starts reading from left to right, so the ad is instinctively in the way of your eye instead of the content. I might contribute to a subscription. 20 bucks for 6 months does seem really high, though.

    I also notice that the classic TNL themes aren't available anymore. Maybe that could be an additional feature for the payed members?
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    Boo yah.
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  4. BAM!
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  5. Happy to give you cash, Nick. It's $20 you cheap fucks - I spend more on lunch most days.

    I'll browse at work logged out so you get TEH AD REVENUES too
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  6. Done

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    The ads should be hidden, and the user name still has to be adjusted in at least a couple of skins. If you can still see the banner, let me know.
    This might seem like an odd thing to ask, especially from someone who hasn't subscribed yet, but will the graphic under the username change depending on the skin? because it doesn't seem to match the TNL4.0 skin very well.
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  8. I subscribed because I know I'll never click on the ads and, hell, I <3 TNL. Thanks for allowing us to help, Nick.

  9. Subbed, enjoy the monies Nick.

    Also, where is the name color deal in the CP? I can't find it and mine didn't change color
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  10. I'd subscribe, but I don't roll with paypal. Any other payment options?


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