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Thread: Ads on TNL: How to Love Them or Leave Them Behind

  1. Arcade Ads on TNL: How to Love Them or Leave Them Behind

    I've made some changes to the ad layouts since last time, but nothing major. Advertising will be the main way TNL will stay afloat, so please let the ads run and give them a glance or two every now and then.

    Here's the rundown on how the forum will be affected:

    1) I will be running one 728-x-90 ad at the top of each page. There is no border around the ad at this point. Sometimes a smaller ad will appear instead (468 x 90).

    2) I will run a sidebar on the main index page only. I have significantly reduced the description text on that page to compensate. The sidebar will usually contain a 160-x-600 ad (sometimes a 120-x-600 ad instead), an Amazon search box, and some other links. As of this writing, I have not decided whether it will stay on the left or right of the page.

    3) A 300-x-250 ad will go near the bottom of every page. At this point, there is no border around the ad and the position may change before next week. Those of you with higher desktop resolutions may find the blank space around this ad to be excessive, so I will try to address that after everything else is in place.

    4) As before, the subject matter of the ads will be hit-and-miss at the beginning, so if you see something stupid or obnoxious, don't assume it will be a recurring problem. It may take a few days to tweak the ads that are being displayed, but even at the beginning it should be better than 90% of the sites out there.

    If you want to eliminate the ads and you are a registered user, you have the option of contributing to the site on a subscription basis. Contributions will be sent through PayPal using your TNL user control panel. Going to the User CP through the link in the forum navigation bar, you can find the "Paid Subscriptions" area, where you can choose to contribute $3.50 for one month or $20 for six months ad free. You can further choose between a one-time or a recurring payment.

    Subscribers will be identified by a green user name with a modest badge beneath it.

    Subscriptions should go into effect immediately after your PayPal payment clears, so PM me if there is any issue. Subscriptions will only be accepted through the User CP interface.

  2. The sub price seems a touch on the high side just to remove ads. No other perks with it? $20-30 for a year would seem a bit more reasonable. For reference, something like IGN insider that lets you kill ads is $20 a year, and I believe Something Awful's sub to kill adds is about that as well.
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  3. I'd rather have you view the ads, so I wouldn't mind if no one went the subscription route. I was going to offer a bigger PM inbox and/or something else, but the philosophy behind this board has always been to give you as many options as we reasonably could for free. Since we don't hold off on features, there's not much I would care to add. You have avatars, sigs, PMs, custom status, profiles, etc., already.

    The subscription option is by user request.

  4. I'd really like the sidebar on the right side of the screen. That's how it's done at almost all of the sites I regularly visit and I think it's the easiest on the eyes.
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  5. Yeah, right is really where it should be.
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  6. Okay, I'll try it there first. Sounds reasonable.

  7. I have no problem with the adds, but as soon as I have enough disposable income there is no doubt that I will buy a subscription. This site has paid for itself 1000 fold in the year and a bit that I've been here.

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    The seller accepts encrypted website payments only. You cannot pay the seller through un-encrypted buttons. Please contact your seller for more details.
    Maybe using Opera isn't good for the paypal link.

    Meanwhile, just to clarify - subscribers get the color change as long as they pay for one single month?

  9. Looks like theres a prob with the Paypal link in the usercp:

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  10. I'll figure out the PayPal thing and post here when I think it's fixed.

    The color change in the subscriber's name will be in effect for as long as he is a subscriber: one month plus.


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