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Thread: 360: GTA4 PSP: Valkyrie Profile

  1. 360: GTA4 PSP: Valkyrie Profile

    games sold

    *** please close thread ***
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  2. I'll take too human and infinite

  3. pm sent

  4. #4
    pissed that Haoh got IU, may be interested in GTA. I'll pm you in a few days if that's still an option.

  5. Here's a hint Pineapple: IU is 40 dollars new at TRU

  6. fuck i would have taken it for 30, STEAM ID: BRiRDM, [b]Beaten in 2013 (3): DmC (PS3), Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita), Assassins Creed 3 (PS3),

  7. Any way to edit the title to take out the two games sold?? I may add two DS games in a few days.

    edit: Thanks to the dude who updated the title!
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  8. Dealt twice with Raystorm and he's awesome.


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