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    screening source

    Does anyone on TNL know a good place to get screenings for wood?

    I'm not entire sure what the technical name is for what I'm looking for.

    I want something like this (check the 5:35 mark)

    Any help would this would be awesome.

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    Any help would this would be awesome.
    Why for the helping is now.

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    You mean getting it screenprinted? Check with a t-shirt shop. Maybe a sign maker.

    Or, you know, skate shops.

    What they're showing in the video is heat transfering a pre-printed design onto the board.
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  4. I think it entails bit mapping or something. If you need images (and I'm not sure you do) of wood textures I can help:
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  5. He's talking about screen printing an image onto wood. Specifically, a photo realistic image onto a guitar.

    I only know this from talking to him... not from his ass backwards way of asking in the OP.


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