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  1. The Beyond

    I just got this on DVD at Borders for 20 dollars. Is there another version of this available? I'm asking because I swear I saw it somwhere else for 40 dollars, And my guess would be that it's a limited edition that I should have got instead.

  2. Yea there's a limited edition tin set. I have it. Though The Beyond isn't a movie that I like. It's good for MST3K purposes. I tried to "see the magic" but the movie just doens't do it for me. The FX are REALLY BAD!!!!! Especially the spider scene (which made no sense and was just there for the sake of gore...really fake gore). I realize they did the movie on a shoestring budget but if the scene looks as fake as that spider scene just take it out. It makes it look like an amature movie. I like some Fulci movies though. City of the Living Dead and Don't Torture a Duckling are good (with DTD being the better movie...his best that I've seen). The story is garbage. This movie is for gore hounds. His excuse is to "torture" the audience for seeing his movie (if I remember correctly). Especially the eye gouging scenes. Anyway if you're a fan of the movie I guess you should get the tin set. It's got a pretty thick history of The Beyond and a little insite on Fulci himself. They call it his MASTERPIECE. I don't think so but that's just me. I must say though I really liked the ending. A haunting, surreal ending. But the rest of the

    Later all...

  3. I'm gonna agree. I had the reg. 0 EC Entertainment version (it was MUCH cheaper) and just could not get into it. The last 20 minutes was by far the best part of the movie, but it took way too long to get there, and the gore was the only saving grace. It seems that Euro-horror isn't really my thing so far, but i'm gonna keep looking to see what I may like.
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  4. Well, I only watched about half of the film, but I enjoyed it so far. I like Fulchi, even though most of his films can be considered trashy horror cheapies

    The Beyond is considered his best film, and I think it does have style, and somewhat creepy. Plus it still better than any Scream like US horror crap that came out in the recent years.

    I also have just regular uncut edition, not the tin set that 2D4EVER mentioned. The quality is pretty good, and it does have its fair share of extras, and even one secret easter egg trailer

    I need to finish this film, one of this days, so I can give you a my full opinion

  5. I just watched the movie for the first time this morning. I gotta agree with 2D4Ever on this one. I like Eurotrash, but this was pretty shitty. The musical score was really good, though.


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