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Thread: PC Engine Duo-R, Snatcher and SF2 CE

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    PC Engine Duo-R, Snatcher and SF2 CE

    I picked up a modded PC Engine Duo R a few months ago and I have my old system and some extra stuff laying around that I should probably unload and get some money for Christmas.

    I have one Duo R system. I picked it up with my stimulus check earlier in the year, it has worked flawlessly. The casing has a little bit of scratching, but the only thing that's really obvious is in the Duo R logo there is a little smudge. I can post pictures if someone would like, although The scratches aren't severe enough to show up in a pic. System comes with original RCA cable, unofficial AC adapter, original white control pad, and a beat up but working white Duotap. The controller works fine but is a bit worn, I'd recommend getting a new one from, that's what I did. $150 plus shipping. Shipping should be around $15, packed very well and insured.

    I also have Snatcher for the PC Engine. I love the game, but I have this problem in that I don't speak Japanese, so I can't really play this version. Game has case in good condition, CD in perfect condition, and both manuals. One manual has a little creasing, the other is perfect. The game seems to be going for about $40 on ebay, so I'll say $30 plus shipping. Shipping would be $3.00 First Class in a padded envelope (I won't be responsible for damage) or $5.00 Priority Mail with nice packaging.

    Finally, I have an extra copy of Street Fighter II' Champion Edition. It includes the case, manual, and hucard but does not have the little plastic sleeve that the hucard goes in. The case is in decent shape, the white has started to turn darker and there's a crack in the case. Basically, I have two copies, I'm keeping the mint copy and selling the other cheap. $10 plus shipping, shipping costs would be the same as Snatcher.

    I'm posting this up here on TNL first, if no one is interested after a few days I'll start posting on other forums, then finally on Ebay. Shipping can be combined, and if you think the prices are too high shoot me an offer. I prefer Paypal, but will take a money order as well.
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    Street Fighter 2 is taken, pending payment.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.


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