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Thread: Need Flyer Help

  1. Need Flyer Help

    I need a flyer for a show I'm playing this thursday, and I was wondering if one of you talented fellows would throw something together for me.

    Here's the info:

    Creatures United
    Danny Rajan
    High Class Wreckage
    11/13 9pm free Blue Moon

    Just an image and the info would be fine, I wouldn't expect anyone to spend more than 10 minutes or so on it. If you do like the poster and want a bit of free advertising in Seattle, feel free to put a by line at the bottom with an e-mail address or website.

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  2. When do you need this by?
    Barf! Barf! Barf!

  3. as soon as possible, really.

    Although if people like the idea of doing show posters and want more time, I'll gladly try this again when I'm not so close to a show.

  4. I have no time at the moment but I can make you sweet flyers in the future. Just let me know a week or two before you need them.

  5. I'll totally take you up on that.

    also: if anyone does decide to do this please just e-mail it to me at

  6. Same here, honestly. I'm broke on time and money, but once I finish and pay for school, I'm all for it.

  7. i'm gonna try to do this. i've got something i can use. i'll email you.

  8. You're 11 days late.

  9. lol.


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