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Thread: Gears of War 2 Limited Edition New/Sealed

  1. Gears of War 2 Limited Edition New/Sealed

    Same deal as K3V and DNG as far as cash, $65 shipped. Trades I'm interested in: fallout 3, saints row 2, dead space, or other newer games. Let me know what you've got.

  2. I have $64.75 left in my Paypal account. If you'll take that, I'll take GOW2LE

  3. Don't do it, hold out for that extra $.25!
    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    K3V is awesome!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by K3V View Post
    Don't do it, hold out for that extra $.25!
    If he does, I'm chainsawing your ass, MOFO.

  5. How about 64.76?


  7. Well, I didn't hear from him. He must need the quarter.

  8. Unfortunately, I have already made a deal to trade the game. The $.25 would have been a serious issue though.

  9. .25 is SRS BZNS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You just don't comprehend how well he's (FE26/Buttcheeks) comprehending. He's understanding you saying things you never said, that's how good he is.

  10. #10
    People still play Gears 2? Whaaaa?


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