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Thread: Free: Pub Games Redeem Code

  1. Xbox 360 II Free: Pub Games Redeem Code

    I have 4 Pub Games codes I got from Fry's for $0.01 each. If your interested shoot me a private message and I'll respond with the Redeem Code as soon as I can.

    No catch ... hey its a free $10 XBLA game that can also earn you extra gold and items for use in Fable II.

    First come, first serve.
    Dreaming in Infrared

  2. PM sent!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Nash View Post
    PM sent!
    ...5x5 sent.
    Dreaming in Infrared

  4. Closed - All 5x5 codes sent to those who requested.
    Dreaming in Infrared


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