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Thread: "Not Found" Error and Redirect

  1. "Not Found" Error and Redirect

    For some reason, now when i try to connect to the forums at work, i get a "Not Found" error. When i connect to the main site, the URL redirects to , and displays this site:

    It seems to me that its a dns problem on my end, but how the fuck do i fix this?

  2. that's some sort of virus I think, another guy had that problem too and emailed nick and I about it

    just for the hell of it, go through the c:\windows\system\drivers32\etc\hosts file and see if is in there anywhere

  3. should it be?

  4. no it shouldn't, that's why you're being redirected to that brazillian site

  5. i'll check it out tomorrow.

  6. lol, it was in the hosts file, got it working now. Thanks

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    You guys really do an awesome job finding and addressing any problems this site runs into, your dedication to making everything around here work at top performance is very, very much appreciated.
    Best. Website. Ever.

  8. Let me guess. Next comes a man-hug?

    Suggestion: Don't drink and post.

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    lol, I actually wasn't drinking at that moment, go figure. But seriously they do a great job, instead of every post ribbing on everyone, can't a guy say how much he actually appreciates the hard work these guys put in?
    I know I couldn't work a webpage for shit, I'm glad we have a great team here.


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