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    Just put up a few PS2 games. I'll be listing more stuff soon. Check out my listings here.

    Here are the auctions I currently have up:

    Zone of the Enders (PS2)
    Okami (PS2)
    Taito Memories Joukan (PS2 - Japanese Import, brand new and sealed)

  2. Thanks for listing on the Chuckwagon. As a side note, today we hit and surpassed 1,500 members and we have also now sold over $50,000 in merchandise. Pretty good for being around for 9 months. Thanks to all of you who are contributing to the site.

    And many have asked for me to consider launching a new auciton site to sell everything else. Good news, that it's on the horizon and will be launching in days.

    So Cal Mike
    The Less-Expensive Auction Alternative Dedicated to Classic & Modern Gaming

  3. I was member #1500.

  4. Anyone have any feedback on how their auctions did at this site?

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    I've been wondering the same. I have some stuff I'd like to move, but it's not common current gen stuff, so I don't want to take a bath on it.

  6. Here is a thread on our forums you may be interested in:

    We have had quite a bit of success selling. But alot of it has to do with how you structure your auctions -- just like on Ebay. Ask a far starting price if you need to cover your ass or set a reserve.

    Think of it this way, if you use no listing enhancements, and choose to use a conservative starting bid (instead of a reserve which costs you $.50) then you won't have any listing fees so no risk. Then you only pay a slight fee 3% up to $100 if your items sell.

    Give it a shot, promote your auctions around the forums and you should be able to stir up traffic to your auctions. And check out for all your non-video gaming related auctions.

    Hope you try us out
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    So Cal Mike
    The Less-Expensive Auction Alternative Dedicated to Classic & Modern Gaming

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