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Thread: Acorn Archimedes

  1. Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    The PS1, Saturn, and PC versions sucked hard, though. What the hell were they thinking with the fog? Getting rid of pop-in and slowdown at the expense of the joy of flying was the worst trade possible.
    Star Fighter (3DO)


    Star Fighter (Saturn)

  2. Fascinating thread, Neo! I only vaguely recall the Archie. Thanks for the history lesson.

  3. I still have Star Fighter for the 3DO. I haven't played it in almost a decade. It took me a while to get used to the slow speed, but I loved the free-flying. Judging from those Youtube videos, the game's held up fairly well.

  4. I used to play Dune II back in the day, my first RTS as a matter of fact. It was my sister that taught me how to play it. I think its the only thing that I played on this list and the next one that I know about in general is Outworld.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite
    I hear Balrog's moveset includes the Fried Chicken Right Cross, The Watermelon Wipeout Punch, and the Welfare Blaster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
    Good topic.

    I think the Saloon Cars YouTube tag needs to be set right.
    I'm not sure why it isn't showing up. When I go to edit it, the coding seems fine.

    I should play 3DO Star Fighter again. It looks better than I remembered it. When I wrote most of this thread a while back I meant to do a better comparison of Star Fighter versions but never got to it.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by CRV1 View Post
    Star Fighter (Saturn)

    Wow, that looks horrendous. Guess I picked the right versions to try.

  7. I had the PSX version. It's not very good. It was cool that you could fly into orbit and all that, but it looked and played like hell. The soundtrack is just bad.

  8. Thanks for the heads up on this one, Neo.

    Archimedes looks like it could actually have given the X68000 and FM Towns a fight with some arcade ports done by good teams.

    The 3D racers make the Genesis Race Drivin' look even more terrible.

    Pac-Mania: Looks a bit like the Amiga one but runs smoother. Unfortunately, there's slight screen judder in the vid due to this version of the game running at 50Hz.

    Axis: Looks more than slightly similar to Namco's Assault.

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  9. Why on earth does a Saturn 3D game look worse than its 3DO counterpart?

  10. You think that's bad, the PC version looked almost identical to the Saturn. There's just no call for that.



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