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Thread: 360 Problems

  1. Xbox 360 I 360 Problems

    History: My system RRoD'd and I've now gotten it back from MS.

    Issue: During games (but not DVDs or Netflix) my screen freezes. Sometimes it's completely frozen, no amount of button-mashing will fix it. Other times the screen is frozen, but I can still hear the online match continuing (including me being able to shoot rounds, throw grenades, and even get force-feedback from getting shot b/c I'm afk), like in CoD4. recommends "clearing the cache" on my HDD which I've done, but the problem persists.

    Has happened with Soul Calibur IV, CoD4 (2x), Oblivion (2x), and Guitar Hero III, so it's not a disc error.

    This makes no sense considering I can watch DVDs/Netflix for hours w/zero probs.

    Before I deal w/the dingbats at 4MYZboz, I thought TNL could help.
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  2. This is just an educated guess, but it sounds like a failed GPU connection, which means it's basically a RRoD, but affecting a different area of the BGA.

  3. Have you tried playing a game or 2 from your hard drive?

  4. Is it a Falcon?

  5. It's the NXE freeze. It'll happen for like 10 seconds every now and then, right?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Chux View Post
    It's the NXE freeze. It'll happen for like 10 seconds every now and then, right?
    Tell me more.

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    Hit it with a taser.
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  8. That isn't very helpful.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Tell me more.
    Ever since NXE hit every now and then the dash will freeze for a few seconds. This happens to at least me and Korly and a few other people. I only call it the NXE freeze since it happened after that.

  10. It takes me, like, 30 seconds to load up the contents of my hard drive. Is this the same thing?


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