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    Well, some of us might know about Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday, the 1992 sequel to Repo Man that nearly got made but didn't (and is available in screenplay and graphic novel form). Now it looks like Alex Cox is casting and doing preproduction on another attempt at a sequel, Repo Chick, set in the present day, playing on the repo boom that goes with hard economic times. Looks like it's ready to start filming soonish. David Lynch will be producing.

    Don't know how I missed this earlier, I guess because imdb hasn't picked up on it yet. Anyway, start being excited.
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    Awesome! Sounds like good timing.
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  3. Here's a way after the fact sequel I think I might be okay with.
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  4. Any time an Alex Cox script actually gets to go into production, it's an event to be celebrated. The man's written over 40 movies and made like 10.

    Also, Searchers 2.0 needs to come out on video already. It's been like a year and a half.
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  5. So apparently this movie is done already. I was sort of worried that something would happen and it wouldn't get made, but it's finished and I'm happy.

    Of course, now there is the issue of finding a distributor and a DVD publisher, which is something Searchers 2.0 never got, but I'm sure the Repo Man name will help it get more attention than that movie.

    Also, this apparently stars Jaclyn Jonet as the title character, who I thought was great in Searchers and ridiculously hot

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  6. So apparently Universal is trying to squish this. They've C&Ded Alex Cox, and they've decided to follow it up by rebranding a two year old pile of shit movie that they filmed but didn't see fit to actually release as "Repo Men" to try to pass it off as some kind of sequel of their own.

    Cox evidently doesn't give a fuck and is perfectly willing to march ahead for a September release.

  7. This looks kind of amazing.

    LA cats, this is playing at the AFI festival at the end of the month. No word on New York screenings yet.

  8. This is out there now, on DVD and blu-Ray in the US and UK. Apparently it was in theaters for a couple weeks last month, but I missed it.

    It's a fun movie, not great, but worth watching. I don't like it as much as Cox's last movie, a little too wacky/silly for my tastes, but the green screen stuff actually works and it's got an interesting style about it. Just doesn't have the deadpan weirdness that Cox usually does so well.


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