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Thread: Box & Manual for GRAW 1 (Xbox 360)

  1. Frown Box & Manual for GRAW 1 (Xbox 360)

    A few months back I bought some games from Gamestop's "buy 2 used, get 1 free" offer. One of the games I bought was GRAW 2, but the dude who processed my transaction gave me the disc to the first game by accident. Since the game was in my pile of shame, I didn't really notice... until I went to play it today.

    Can anyone hook me up with a box and manual? I HATE incomplete games.

  2. I lost the game a long time ago and only had the box and manual. Sadly, I think I might have tossed it out. I'll try searching the attic and if it's there, it's yours.

  3. Sorry. I guess it's gone.

  4. I can get it for you next time I stop by GS. I sometimes just ask the employees if I can have the extra box/doc from the used section if I am buying something and they will give it to me.

  5. A manual straight from Ubisoft seems to be $5.

  6. you can buy the whole game for $10. Why not just do that and give the extra disc away.
    Shipping will approach half that cost anyway.

  7. I have the box and manual for part 2 and the disc for part 1. LOL, how to make two complete games?

    kingoffighters: I'd be obliged if you could find those for me. I don't mind paying a few bucks for shipping. I'll just find a disc-only copy of part two at GS or Play 'n Trade then.

  8. Melf, pm me your address.


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