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  1. Treasure Take advantage of me!

    Hi all! Most of you may not know me as I haven't been an active member of this community for some years now, but I used to be a regular on the boards here and there may be a handful of you left who can vaguely recall my relatively insignificant presence from back in the day, albeit possibly not in a particularly fond light. I dunno. Shidoshi, you may remember me and, if so, can vouch for me as I used to frequent your forums over at MoMa a long while back as well. Of course, being associated with you may actually have a negative effect on how I'm now perceived by some here instead of helping, LOL. Then again, my knowing the difference between affect and effect may score me some points with others ...but I digress. And in response to what most of you are probably thinking at this point, yes, I can be a blabbering douche. Probably more often than not.

    Anywho, now that I've effectively alienated myself with that introduction from anyone who might otherwise be interested, there actually is a purpose to all of this and it's that I have some games and related items that I need to unload and I'm hoping that there are some here among you fine folk that might have a use for them.

    Alrighty. So, without further ado, I guess I'll start with the stuff that I'm selling first. I have no idea what any of this is worth any more, so, if you see something that you like, name your price and if it's reasonable then it's yours. Everything should be like-new.

    ~Generic Sega Saturn s-video cable. SOLD

    ~Official Sony PSOne/2 s-video cable. SOLD

    ~Biohazard Code: Veronica - Japanese import for the Sega Dreamcast. Open, but complete and in mint condition w/ spiffy red slipcover and spine card.

    ~D2 - Sega Dreamcast game. Open, but complete and in mint condition (well, if you angle the jewel case just right under direct light you can see a few very minor scratches).

    ~Guilty Gear X - Import Sega Dreamcast game. Open, but comes complete and in mint condition w/ spine card.

    ~Street Fighter III: Double Impact - Sega Dreamcast game. Open, but, again, complete and mint (jewel case is near-mint, shows normal signs of shelf wear).

    ~Arc the Lad Collection - PSOne games. Open, but comes mint and complete w/ every ridiculous little thing that now defunct Working Designs was able to cram into a 6" x 5" x 2.5" box. SOLD

    ~Nights Into Dreams - Original Sega Saturn game. Comes mint and complete with an analog controller and the box that everything came in.

    Okay, now for the free crap. Here's the deal, I hate throwing stuff out if I think that someone, somewhere might have a use for it, so what this really is is a last-ditch attempt to find a home for these, shall we say, misfit toys before I'm finally forced to put 'em to bed. So, the following listed I'm offering for free, the catch being that the taker has to pay for the actual cost to get the item(s) out to them (whatever method is cheapest) plus any packaging that I have to pay for (like a bubble envelope).

    ~Sega CD II w/ box - This thing has been sitting around, collecting dust for years now and only ever worked intermittently to begin with (I got it second-hand). I was thinking that it could possibly either a) be used for parts or b) be fixed by someone with a little more know-how than I have.

    ~Prince of Persia - Sega CD game. The manual and disc are in passable shape but the original box has seen better days. I remember having a lot of fun playing this when I was a kid, frustrating as it could be at times.

    ~Vay - Sega CD game published by Working Designs. Even in mint condition, which this copy ain't, Vay is more of a "I own it because I'm a collector and it completes the set" or "I'm an RPG whore" kind of a game than one that you bust out every now and again because you actually enjoy playing it. That said I could be wrong, and the price is certainly right for anyone who's curious. Comes with a map that looks like somebody wrapped a cheeseburger in! GONE

    ~Gensosuikoden Vocal Collection: Distant Stars Echoes of Love - This isn't a game, just an OST to the popular game series. Japanese import. Free if somebody wants it. Heh, come to think of it, Shidoshi grabbed this for me while he was in Japan a few years ago (sorry about the unabashed name dropping, bro ). GONE

    ~Gamers' Republic magazines - A blast from the past! I can't believe that I even still have these. Thought I'd offer 'em up here before I throw them out. I have issues 34 (March 2001), 33, 32, 31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, vol. 2 issue 9 (March 2000), vol. 2 issue 8, vol. 2 issue 7, vol. 2 issue 6, vol. 2 issue 5, vol. 2 issue 3, vol. 2 issue 2, vol. 2 issue 1 and issues 11 (April 1999) and 10. They're all in really great shape and are guaranteed to get you to wax nostalgic. GONE

    Right, so don't anyone be shy. If anybody has any questions just ask away. Oh, and here's my eBay profile if there's any concern about my trustworthiness.

    If I see at least a moderate interest in my stuff then I'll probably be listing more in the near future. If not, then apparently I've got a small collection of turds on my hands (actually, that paints a pretty funny picture) and there'll be no hard feelings.
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  2. I'll take the Saturn and PS1/2 S-Video cables. I've sent a pm.

  3. how much are you willing to let Street Fighter III: Double Impact go for? i took a quick look on ebay and prices are all over the place. how's $12 shipped? is the disc in good condition?

  4. pm sent.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by plik View Post
    how much are you willing to let Street Fighter III: Double Impact go for? i took a quick look on ebay and prices are all over the place. how's $12 shipped? is the disc in good condition?
    $15 shipped. I'm not at home at the moment so I'm going off of memory here, but I'm pretty sure the disc is like-new or very close to it. Up above I described everything, jewel case notwithstanding, as being mint so the disc must be pretty good if not pristine, because I'm fairly picky when it comes to judging the condition of collectibles. Anyway, PM me if that sounds fair to you.
    ...because without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain't as sweet.


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