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Thread: Blackberry Issue

  1. Blackberry Issue

    So in trying to post earlier from my blackberry, I got a blank page stating I'm missing a "security token" wtf is that and how do I fix?

  2. ?

    (perhaps you should try deleting your browser history. I use a BB Curve and have never had that problem. Are you using the handheld's default brower or something like Opera Mini?)

  3. Using default browser, we switch over to a new data center today and I had to add in all my shit again.

  4. A friend of a friend has given me a Blackberry, which would appear to be blocked. I don't think they stole it, but likely perhaps it was found.

    It's wiped, with no info on.

    Is there anything I can do to unblock it? I've found something that can change the IMEI number of the Blackberry, which I guess might mean it can be used again?

    Would one of these guys you find on Oxford St that do phone unlocking, be able to unblock too?

  5. The best course of action would be to get fucked.

  6. Your mom always has the best advice.
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

  7. It's on your end.


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