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Thread: '09 clearance

  1. '09 clearance

    Price includes shipping in the US, no international at this time please. Paypal or MO is acceptable. Also have a list of freebies, nothing worth paying for but if you want I'll throw one in with your order. Items are in great shape unless noted.

    Sega CD II/ power supply $18 HOLD

    Supergrafx/ one controller and Ghouls N Ghosts, Aldynes, Gran Zort (worn slipcovers on games) *offer*


    Megaman ZX Advent $10


    ATHF Volume 6 $13
    Spiderman: Complete Animated Series (MTV CG sealed) $12
    P.O.D. Still Payin Dues (sealed) $4

    Turbo/PC Engine (all software in good shape with minor package scuffing or slight wear on manuals)

    Tenonoke Bank (game save storage card) $10
    Valis 1 SCD $15 HOLD
    Rally Championship (overhead licensed rally racer) $12 HOLD
    Metamor Jupiter $15 HOLD
    Denoko Rally (cute overhead battle rally game) $8 HOLD
    Double Dragon II $40 HOLD
    Strider ACD $35 HOLD
    Dragon Knight II $12
    Mystic Formula (overhead action shooter by Micro Cabin) $30 HOLD
    Galaxy Gayvan (side scroll cartoony fighter) $60
    Toilet Kids $50
    Faussette Amour $90

    J-Mega Drive:

    Super Fantasy Zone $25 HOLD
    Phantasy Star 4 $8


    Broken Flowers (Bill Murray comedy/drama) DVD
    Bomberman Wars J-Psone (Bomberman strategy game)
    Tetris X J-Psone (
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    I'll definitely take Metal Slug Advance off your hands. That's one of the many GBA games I sort of forgot about which later became hard to find =[
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  3. Cosmic Fantasy 2 $10
    Implode (Mindrec homebrew puzzler) $4
    Meteor Blaster DX (Mindrec asteroid clone) $4
    Exile $8
    Jeanne D'Arc (sealed) $10

    Pac-land (complete) Turbografx
    Ghost Manor (with manual if I can find it) Turbografx
    China Warrior (complete) Turbografx

    I'll take these.

  4. Is that a Sega CD 2 console with adapter or just the adapter? If it's the console, I'll take it. Mine shit the bed.

  5. PMs sent.

    Melf, it is the console and power supply, I retired it after acquiring a CDX from NGE. It works fine the last time I used it.

  6. I'm definitely interested then. I have everything else, so all I need is the console.

  7. Would you go any lower on Monster World 4? How about if I combo it with Super Fantasy Zone? What kind of total are you looking for?
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  8. PM sent

  9. I'll take Game Center CX.

  10. ssbomberman, $50 for both.

    If anyone has paid by this point your games will be out tomorrow. Thanks!


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