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Thread: Official Xbox Magazine Demos

  1. Official Xbox Magazine Demos

    I'm looking to get some demos. Specifically, the ones that come with the Official Xbox Magazine.
    I'm looking for numbers 60,62-64,66,67,72-82,84-88.
    Here's the thing, I only want these because of the stupid OXM Universe game that comes on the disc. It's the stupidest thing in the world, but I need points in order to get my space program running so that I can fully explore Hoenir or whatever it is called.

    Since this is so dumb, I'm not looking hard enough to invest real money into it; but I'll pay $1 per disc plus (cheap) shipping. Cardboard sleeve or plastic case versions don't matter. Help me with my OCD. Please.
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  2. I think I only have 1 or 2 demo disk since I never buy OXM, if they are on your list I will just send them to you.

  3. i've got a bunch of them, i will see what i have and send you a PM.

  4. Cool. Someone got me 90, so that's off the list.


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