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Thread: Netflix watch instantly :: Recommendations Thread

  1. I have watched Justice League: The New Frontier off there, that was awesome.
    30 Rock is awesome.
    Dead Leaves is up there until February first; it's an anime I've heard some good things about so I'd give it a shot.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Chux View Post
    My instant queue is like 50 movies deep. I have nothing to do at work so you get them!

    Family Ties S1
    Yoshi dupe account confirmed

  3. Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Thief Silver View Post
    Dead Leaves is up there until February first; it's an anime I've heard some good things about so I'd give it a shot.
    Dead Leaves was pretty good. The art reminds me of a cross between 70s Ralph Bakshi mixed with Jet Set Radio. Its English dubbed but I got used to the voices.

    Netflix has been great. I have a 100+ things in my queue. A bunch of documentaries, tv shows and British stuff. Some things I have enjoyed recently:

    Man On Wire
    Half Nelson
    Superman Doomsday
    Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek
    Bigger, Stronger, Faster
    Newsradio Season 1|2
    Death Wish (with a young Jeff Goldblum beating and raping a chick)
    Street Fight
    Cocaine Cowboys
    The Lookout
    LoudQUIETloud: A Film About the Pixies
    Pablo Francisco: Bits and Pieces

  5. Legend of Zelda: Complete Animated Series

    Only worth watching to see Link try to get into Zelda's pants
    "Remember, not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to fuck."
    Geek in the Desert

  6. #26
    Pete DeBoer's Tie
    There are no rules, only consequences.

  7. I've been on a huge documentary kick lately, and the last couple I saw we're really good.

    Surfwise - This dude is awesome, I just really liked his outlook on life and sex and overall health. Plus, hearing an 85 year old man talk about how learning to eat pussy changed his life forever was hilarious.

    You're Gonna Miss Me, Roky Erickson documentary - One of the best music documentaries I've ever seen. I'm ashamed to admit I'd never heard any of his music, including the 13th Floor Elevators, but after seeing this I'm addicted. Dude has the craziest fucking voice, and his story is just incredibly tragic and amazing.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by soundwave View Post
    This was really good.

  9. Ghostride The Whip is the best documentary on the service, period.

    Put your stunter shades on!

  10. I tried to watch Alien and The Andromeda Strain the other day, and that shit came up in fullscreen. Fuck that.
    None of the WI movies should be in fullscreen unless the source is fullscreen.

    As for great movies on the WI that I've watched and enjoyed (either recently, or at some point in my life) that come to mind right now:

    Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (HD!) - excellent Sidney Lumet film. Very dark. Plus Marisa Tomei's titties.

    The Host - Pretty cool Korean monster movie...effects look a little cheesy thought.

    Man on Wire - Awesome documentary about the guy that broke into the Twin Towers, slung a tightrope, and walked back and forth. It's presented as a heist movies, and uses reenactments along with archived footage, and is really enjoyable.

    LA Confidential - No explanation needed, it's amazing.

    Cool Hand Luke - I love eggs.

    All The President's Men - I love Watergate.

    Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels - I love this movie, but until netflix has the ability to select subtitles for the WI movies, I would get the actual DVD.
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Most of us have probably seen this, but if you haven't you should.

    Also I've been watching season one of 30 Rock and it's excellent. I see how it gets all the praise it does. I find Tina Fey to be incredibly hot.

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