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Thread: MS Paint Adventures: Problem Sleuth

  1. Treasure MS Paint Adventures: Problem Sleuth

    Problem Sleuth

    It came up recently in this thread, but since the sub-forums often go neglected I feel this deserves attention of its own.

    Essentially it's a web-comic, but done in the style of an old school adventure game. There's an average of 5 "commands" a day and the kicker is that just about everything that happens is a suggestion from readers. It started out as an experiment in the author's forums but grew into something much more. He's a really, really smart guy (see interview here) and the material is always random but feels deliberate, an effect that he alludes to in the interview as a "beatiful lie." Plenty of recurring in-jokes tie in the feeling of a community driven effort.

    I'm making it sound more artful than it is but once you get started on the more than 1000 command "game" you'll quickly get hooked and start dumping things into the suggestion box.

    You can click "save game" to save the page you last viewed for later. Also, clicking the little padlock in the title banner takes you to the "unlockable secrets" where he keeps commissioned commands that he will make for you in exchange for a donation.

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    I can't believe nobody else commented on this, I guess I missed it when Trial first put it up here.

    Problem Sleuth is over by now, and it ended up being KIND OF RAD.

    He's started a new comic since then called Homestuck that mixes the usual adventure game elements with some Sim-type stuff and it's coming out great. If you just look at it maybe it will not make a lot of sense and will probably seem stupid, but if you start at the beginning I think the super crazy and convoluted story plus the roundabout way it's being told is really charming and kind of unique.

    The suggestion box doesn't mean much these days since his readership has multiplied into the thousands but I think some random-ass shit gets tossed in from time to time that I doubt that Andrew dude thought up himself, like WV becoming the Mayor of Can Town, holy shit.

    I think people should read this, even though I am warning you now that it is a HUGE fucking timesink.
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  4. Oh I missed this thread. I read the start of this ages ago but never finished. ON IT.

    This is kind of similar and I love it:

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    Everyone that is ignoring this is a horrible person.
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  6. I'm ignoring it.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams View Post
    I'm ignoring it.

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    Played it for thirty screens, thought it was ok, never have to look at it again.

  9. I couldn't get into it. Sorry.
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  10. As someone who has no idea what a home stock is, this is amazing.

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