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Thread: My latest shot and my process

  1. My latest shot and my process

    So I'm working on finishing a new dialog shot for myself, trying to get better and have new stuff for my reel. Since I feel like procrastinating tonight I thought I would post it up in here, and share my process or at least the different stages it goes through as well.

    So first thing I do is just scour the net for dialog clips. I know some people search for particular actors, or certain movies/tv shows. I like to just listen to anything and everything and what ever one sparks some ideas is what I'll go with.

    So I found my clip and what I did was sketch out a bunch of ideas. Unfortunately I scan find my damn sketchbook to scan that in. From there I'll take the 3 ideas I like the most and turn them into rough storyboards to show to people and get feedback.


    So from there I'll do a placement pass, just getting the camera where I want it. Make sure the set is laid out how I want, that sort of thing.


    Then I'll do a pass of layout, just to get a rough idea of the timing in place and give me something to work from when I do video reference. For this I'm not paying much attention to the poses just yet, just kind of hitting beats.


    So from here, I'll shoot video reference, to get a sense of timing for what I want to do. It's also nice cause you just keep doing it again and again, and even more new ideas pop up. I never ripped the video ref from my camera to the comp so I don't have that online.

    After the video reference I start my first pass of blocking. This is when I'm finally really thinking about my poses and the timing of things. I'm kind of just getting the main acting poses in, the ones that tell you what's going on. I included some of the step over, since I really felt that was a part of the acting and the creepyness.

    Golden Poses/First Pass of blocking

    From there I start to breakdown the movements and describe the actions more.

    Blocking Plus

    After this I started getting into the lip sync, and breaking things down more.

    Lip sync blocking

    Since that I've worked on the lip sync and broken things down even more to what's probably my last pass of blocking. I try to get stuff about every 4 frames or ever 2 frames. From here I'll start taking things to be on every frame. So this is where I'm at now, hopefully between tonight and tomorrow/tomorrow night I plan on taking this to having something on every frame.

    Last pass of blocking

    So yeah I felt like procrastinating a bit, and figured I'd share my process for those who may not be familiar with animation and what not. Hope people like it.
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  2. Really cool to see your process. What programs are you using for the 3D animation? Did you model the characters too, or are they stock figures you're animating with? How long does it take from step to step? My guess is the storyboarding is ultra-fast (the only thing I've had experience in), but I have no clue how 3D animation works.
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  3. Hey Hero, glad you liked it! I use Maya for doing animation. Compared to most the other programs out there, it has the best curves editor (for editing your animation). That and expandability (its easy to write plug ins for it to send data to another application) are why its used so extensively in the industry.

    I did not design, model, or rig the characters, they were given to me by the school I went to. They're good highend rigs, though the green guy is much better than the other one. I did model and set up the environment though, but I'm not a fan of modeling. Except for the female statue, she's another one of the rigs we're given that I just posed out and made look like stone.

    If I was working in a studio, I'd get the shot handed to me in the layout stage. Depending on the studio I'd probably have to do 5 feet a week, each foot of 35mm film has about 16 frames on it so basically 80 frames of finished animation a week. So for this shot I'd probably have 2 weeks more or less to do it. My work ethic at home kind of sucks though, so I've spent about a month on it so far. I'm hoping to finish it by the middle of next week to add it to my demo reel and start applying to some places.

    I'm trying to spend more time in the planning and idea sketching part, just because sketching a pose is a lot faster than putting a character into it. Normally the most time is spent on the second/third passes of blocking, and on polish. The more refined your blocking is the easier it is to take things to one's. Polish is where are the little touches get put in, but finding the right amount of that can be hard.
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    I've changed my mind about Korian. Anyone that can piss off so many people so easily is awesome. You people are suckers, playing right into his evil yellow hands.

  4. My latest shot and my process

    Hi RickI was just wondering if you painted the sky/clouds and tree or did you use photo references?Its great by the way


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