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Thread: Suikoden II and some Working Design Games

  1. Suikoden II and some Working Design Games

    As the topic states, I am looking to sell:

    * all prices in Canadian $ *
    Suikoden II PS - (Case/manual/game) are all in MINT condition. $115 shipped

    Lunar 2 Eternal Blue PS - Game is Factory sealed. "Omake" box contents are untouched. $120 shipped
    Hardcover Lunar 2 Official Strategy Guide - MINT condition. $85 shipped
    Sealed Hardcover Vanguard Bandits Guide - Pay shipping

    Growlanser Generations Deluxe Edition PS2 - Outer box opened and a slight bend on the side of the box; contents are factory sealed. $115 shipped

    Lunar Ghaleon Boxing Puppet (pre-order extra for Lunar Silver Star Story PS) still in-box. $35 shipped

    Resident Evil 3 Jill Valentine Vinyl Statue. $40 shipped

    I am trying to get rid of all of this stuff, so I am open to offers
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  2. You're way overpriced. I tried selling a Vangauard Bandits guide a couple of years ago, for half that price, and the one person that was interested in it, bailed.

  3. He does state that it's in Canadian dollars, so that means you automatically cut the prices in half, correct?

  4. He'd be better off converting that shit to US $.

    $1 US = $1.29 Canadian, so taking 29% off would still be waaaaaay too much, especially considering how small the pool of people interested might be and the economy.

    Questionable sealed copy of Growlancer Generations on Ebay

    That is a pretty good price for a sealed copy of Eternal Blue.
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  5. I always thought Suikoden II went for ridiculous prices, but I am open to offers on any of the items.

    The Growlanser Generations Deluxe set is the one that included a watch, ring...typical Working Designs add-on items.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by JonathonIngram View Post
    I always thought Suikoden II went for ridiculous prices, but I am open to offers on any of the items.
    Yeah, Suikoden II sells pretty high.

  7. Hah maybe I should try to get back the $50 I paid for with my Growlanser Generations. I shoulda have bought two copies like I thought of doing back then though

  8. I bought Growlancer Generations for $25 used. It's in pretty good shape.


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