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Thread: Is Boost Mobile Any Good?

  1. Is Boost Mobile Any Good?

    I currently use Verizon and I'm not all that happy with their service in my area, nor am I happy with all the stupid extra charges they tack on. I'm seeing these Boost Mobile plans for unlimited talk/text/web for $50 a month, but I don't know anyone with Boost who can say if they're good or not. Any opinions?

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  2. Boost is Sprint/Nextel

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    Any opinions?
    Ask at the nearest fried chicken establishment.

  4. I've been thinking about switching, too, but Verizon is fucking wonderful in the city.

  5. My fam has T-Mobile and Verizon and neither gets service at home, so we tried a Boost pay-as-you-go-deal and it actually picks up some bars and has really clear calls. Don't know too much about their plans/phones tho.

    Also, while Boost = Nextel and Virgin = Sprint, be careful because I don’t think they all share the same coverage. Virgin doesn’t work here, and on the website Nextel and Sprint coverage areas are different.

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    Verizon is better than anything I've seen down here coverage-wise, I dunno about all the other stuff. I used to be on Sprint and their service blew ass. Now that I'm on Verizon I pay $15 a month for unlimited everything (might be because my sister works there, but I still get coverage where I didn't used to).

  7. I'm getting completely dicked over on my bill this month due to a complete idiot service rep. I've never wanted to ditch Verizon more, I'm fucking pissed.

  8. ^you're not the only one

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