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Thread: TNL, You Are My Only Hope

  1. TNL, You Are My Only Hope

    Okay, so, here's the deal. I'm doing a case study for my Abnormal Psychology class. The objective of this case study is that I interview someone with a psychological disorder (depression, bipolar, alcoholism, drug dependence, anxiety problem, etc.). The problem with this assignment is that I personally don't know anyone with a psych disorder!

    Basically, I'd like to interview any one of you, as long as you are dealing with a psychological disorder. I apologize if that sounds insensitive. If anyone is willing to help me out with this, I can assure you that your personal details will be omitted in the final revision of the assignment.

    I'd prefer to perform the interview via instant message. But if you want to do it through email or private message, that's fine.

    HEEEELP! Please?
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  2. Gohron should be all up on this.
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    You got it. P.M. me to set up a time.
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  4. livejournal

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    Quote Originally Posted by U K Narayan View Post
    I personally don't know anyone with a psych disorder!
    You have to know at least one woman.

  6. Ouch.

  7. I'm a self proclaimed functional alcoholic. Does that count?

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    I'm definetly an alcoholic, I'll help ya out of you want.

  9. I can't orgasm unless I'm being pissed on. Is that a disorder?
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