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Thread: TS's Top Ten Game Musics

  1. Super Famicom TS's Top Ten Game Musics

    A part of RPG's I always looked forward to as a young lad was the boss music. It's not hard to understand why; JRPG's are largely a string of random trash monster encounters leading up to the (hopefully) interesting boss battle. A fairly large part of my enjoyment of these bosses came from the music. The right theme can do wonders for a game or battle that's already otherwise pretty epic.

    Anyway, since I've played a shitload of RPG's in my day, I narrowed the category to the SNES RPG's I cut my teeth on. They are in no particular order:


    For a game that was derided for its "RPG training-wheels" difficulty, it was otherwise a solid game with a more than solid soundtrack. Regular battle music, the boss theme, and the end boss themes were all high-energy, rock-esque tracks that did their best to get your blood pumping for a fight that was essentially played out at 3 frames per second.


    Lufia II did its best to frustrate the shit out of me when I was younger, as each dungeon sported at least a few puzzles, which at the time I'm supposing were kind of tough. Shit, some of them might piss me off today. The combat was sometimes unforgiving, but the boss music held a keen melody and a catchy tune.


    Secret of Mana was a radical departure from what I had experienced, even when I was younger. I still fully enjoyed it however, and the music from the final battle always stuck with me, even if the fight was nowhere near as hard as the one before it.


    Mario RPG's music was an odd mix, ranging from simple but bouncy town themes to upbeat dungeon romps, but the final battle with Smithy suddenly got all serious business, whipping out a track that let you know: This guy is not to be FUCKED WITH.


    There were a lot of quality tracks in FFVI, but the vanilla boss music stood out because the game was otherwise so melancholy. When shit got real, this would come on and I'd have to step it up.


    Sure, the battles had just as little animation as, say, a game of ET for the Atari. Games like FFIV let its music set the tone though, and no battle with the Four Fiends would ever disappoint. I remember keeping a save before Rubicante just so I could hear this track whenever I wanted.


    Gilgamesh was far and away my favorite character in FFV. I don't recall much of the game's storyline but I do remember Gilgamesh clearly as the joke villain to your group, meeting with bad luck at every turn. When I fought him I never knew if I should take him seriously, and the music reflects that pretty well! As an aside, I practically crapped my pants when you got to fight him in FFXII, complete with remixed battle music.


    In all of RPG history, I don't know if there are any fights as built up as the one against Magus. You spend some fifteen hours hearing nothing but how bad, powerful, and ridiculously evil he is. You do everything to prepare: finding a champion to defy him, attaining a legendary weapon just to enter his hideout, and face down his sidekicks in a moody, dark castle with a moody, dark theme playing. The first time you ever see him is just before you fight him, and at least for a kid, he meets all the expectations for a great villain, and lets the music fly in dramatic fashion as the fight starts. BAD-ASS.


    So you might one day find yourself in the dead center of what's best to call a space god, who meddles in our affairs and raises us from the shadows of history only to feed on us when the time is right. In such a case, it is pretty much guaranteed that you'd hear this blaring from his space-age loudspeakers while your epic battle takes place. That is how I would like to imagine it.


    I had written previously that this list was in no particular order, however the last on the list is a patent exception. No other game, even to date, has the gall, the HUBRIS, to have a boss fight designed to play out like some sort of operatic music video. One that, when played the minimum amount of time, runs at LEAST 20 minutes. Boss themes that changed from one form to another were not common but still not terribly new, but never had I seen one that changed so seamlessly from phase to phase, a deliberate attempt to have the entire experience be as smooth and epic as possible. Dancing Mad was also the culmination of a long series of frustrating encounters against Kefka. He was such a douche, and he had already destroyed much of the world. When you finally reach him, the entire fight is like his own conceited tribute to himself, with his likeness plastered over the heaps of trash and debris, accompanied by an over-the-top ode to how brutally awesome he is.

    Looking back at the list, there's a lot of Final Fantasy, which I suppose is ok because at the time, FF was in its stride, consistently pushing the envelope in almost every aspect.

    Feel free to add any that you particularly enjoyed, I'm sure I missed some that I've long since forgotten.

  2. I love the song in the first town in Lunar (Sega CD). And the music in the Panzer Dragoon series are fantastic as well.

  3. I'll see your MQ and give you the "Red Cap Assault"

    Also raising you a Red Wings over Baron

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    I generally prefer the more subtler tracks in an RPG. Here are a few of my favourites.

    In Final Fantasy 3, for instance, my favourite song is The Phantom Forest:

    Stones from Ultima V:

    Falling in Love from Ultima VII:

    RPGs don't generally have my favourite game music, though. I prefer the music in Turrican II, Dune, or BioShock to pretty much any RPG music.

  5. Chux that Powerglove rendition of FFIV is tits, do they do other game related stuff or was that just an experimental track of theirs?

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    Sweet Jesus, I hate RPGs.
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    I don't even the rage I mean )#@($@IU_+FJ$(U#()IRFK)_#
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

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    This still makes me weep like a little girl:

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TrialSword View Post
    Chux that Powerglove rendition of FFIV is tits, do they do other game related stuff or was that just an experimental track of theirs?
    They're game related.

  9. Seriously, though, is this reserved for RPG video games, or can I post video game musics from MANY different kinds of video games?
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    If it is any, then I present to you this awesomeness:


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