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Thread: Gamestop trade in deals

  1. Gamestop trade in deals

    They have a pretty good deal going right now:

    Get $70 toward the DSi by trading in your DS-Lite, or $50 by trading the original DS or $20 by trading the GBA SP.

    Trade in at least 2 games, get 10% extra credit, Trade in at least 4 games, get 20% extra credit, Trade in 6 or more games, get 40% extra trade-in credit!

    Both deals go till 4-5

    I still had the old ass DS that I only paid $50 for when it came out. Trading that in for $50 is friggin hilarious.

    Then traded in Ghost Squad, Killzone 2 ($40!), HotD Overkill, Blue Dragon, Army of Two, and Tomb Raider Underworld towards a DSi. All said and done I only paid $1.52 cash towards the DSi.

    Only paid $10 for Blue Dragon, $30 for Army, and $15 for Tomb Raider originally.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee View Post
    These deals are awful.
    Yeah I guess your right. I think I made out pretty good though with the crap I got rid of.
    Korly-"Everyone here is an asshole, SURPRISE!"

  3. I can't believe you play through all of those games. Why not just cut down on buying them or something? Cripes.

  4. Those are all solid games (except ARmy of Two, which isn't THAT bad). He got some good trade in values out of them.

  5. I'd get a DSi but it doesn't play my M3. Oh well.

  6. who still shops at Gamestop?

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    I got RE5 there, only because they'd give me more for CoD 4 and Disgaea 3 than SSJN's shop would. Can't beat a $60 game for $20 with some useless bullshit games.

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