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    I told my buddy I'd start showing his shit when he finally grew the balls to do something with it. This used to be his site where he dumped all his photos and it is now a photo blog kinda deal. He's working on getting all his old stuff up as well and wants to build a portfolio (he is looking to do band photography, and I mentioned he should talk to some of you guys). This is his site:
    Frame of reference this is the guy who took all the photos I posted today, he knows his way around a camera.

  2. They look cool. Fish-eye lenses tend to make me woozy though.
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    I never really used to see many fish eye shots, so I find it pretty cool. I never realized how freaking expensive the lens' are though, it's rediculous.

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    He got a new rotating device or something for his camera which allows for long time lapse pans and I really like what he's doing with these.
    Watch in HD!

    Half hour 180 pan

    1 hour 360 pan

    Hell of a while big pan

    Love this shit.
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  5. you should use youtubehd tags. noob.

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    You know I am. This is not news.

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    New one which gives me a woody.

    With HD TAGS ZOMG!!!!!

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    Lightning storms and whatnot.

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    New timelapse that we did yesterday at the beach, pretty cool.


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