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Thread: Warcraft (and other MMO) Commissions

  1. Warcraft (and other MMO) Commissions

    I've had enough interest so I'm starting up a commission side-endeavor. However, to go along with the pricing structure I'm setting up, I need samples to show people what they'd be getting.

    So, this is entirely voluntary, but if you online game players have some character you're particularly attached to, please attach a couple clear screenshots and a bit "about" your character. Bear in mind, I have IRL friends contributing as well, and I'm selecting characters/backstories based on their variety and ability to represent whichever particularity I'm advertising, so there's no guarantee I'll do yours

    Feel free to provide as much (or as little) information as you like, I'm still working the kinks out on how much input I'm going to take from the client. WoW obviously has the largest user base, but if you have characters from other games or stories I'm certainly open to it. I'd avoid copyrighted characters like Spider-man for now, nailing down the legalities, but game characters like Dante should be okay (but given lower priority than personal characters).

    Yeah, a lot of gibber-jabber, but bottomline, post some pics and maybe get some free art. I'll post "before and afters" in this thread and I'm certainly open to suggestions or critique.

  2. Would this be a good place to ask for the art of my PSO character that you were working on ages ago?
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  3. Yeah, I actually remembered that, but I didn't remember which game it was. I still have the pencils, but I can't find the files you sent, and I don't recall the character details. If you can find or still have that stuff I can finish it no problemo.

  4. Oh I'm definitely in, ugh I would prefer my last pieces of Tier 7.5 and a better weapon but I'll just do it now so you don't have to wait.

    Why exactly are you asking for background info/what type of background info, just so I know what to write up.

  5. Well, many people who commission this stuff have some emotional attachment to their characters, or know someone who does (and it's a gift). Players on RP servers or in RP-heavy games are much more likely to associations with their character that aren't represented visually in the game. Some players want elements from their own personality incorporated (fun-loving person that craves sweets, intellectual strategist, office-mom type, etc), or elements from how they play the character.

    Using WoW as an example, for some people it's really important that their particular armor and weapons are depicted because it was a long journey to get those specific things and meaningful to them. For others, their gear changes every week, and they want something that represents them as a player character, not just what they're wearing. In that case their role in the guild, how they're perceived by their friends, if they're reckless but have crazy DPS, if they're funny but cause wipes, if they really enjoy crafting...and in some cases people want their characters hanging out in everyday clothes (like jeans and tees even) in a guild candid shot. Couples/buds portraits are pretty common too, and often people share some inside joke or particular moment.

    Some just have a certain request, like, I want this guy in gladiator gear covered in blood with orc heads in his hand, and that's fine too.

    In this case, since I doubt many on TNL have any of that RP nonsense, just your guy's specialty and what you like about him/her should suffice. These are just samples, so I could just make things up, but I want a feel for what's out there, and of course feedback.

  6. How do you feel about other characters, while I don't come up with specific world of warcraft back story, most my character names are related to characters I've come up with. My DK, Novarus was orignally kind of an old angel who served as a guide for many of them as well of the leader of an armed force but I dropped a lot of my obsession with demons and angels. So I was thinking a picture of him with kids training to be knights with training dummy's in a sunny field would be kind of neat (I'll grab a picture of him when I get home)

  7. Well, the things is that people tend only to want to pay about $40-60 for this type of work. Sometimes they only want rougher lineart for $20. While people can provide me with whatever information, most of it is being used to determine the character's pose, expression, body type or proportions (if it should deviate at from the source image they provide)'re ultimately still getting a pin-up. Group compositions and full scenes with backgrounds are fine, but usually require so much work that it quickly exceeds what your average customer (which is already extremely niche) is willing to pay.

    I'm thinking most pin-ups will involve the character and a "base" of some sort, like the decorative stand many figurines are molded with. I may also generate a half dozen or so backdrops that can be sliced in behind the character that people can choose from, or just leave blank. So in your case, I'd probably have the guy plus a novices and the dummy, anchored by a grassy plane, with a color backdrop to set the appropriate mood.

    -and Shidoshi, I double checked and I don't think your files made through the HD transfer. I remember she was blonde, wore mostly white, had some sort of laser-blade polearm, and was in a wooded/jungle area. In the roughs I have her sitting coyly atop a viny treestump, but I don't remember the details.

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    I would actually really like this but I don't have any screens/info of my old WoW character.
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  9. I searched all the web, including the way back machine, and was only able to retrieve a few very small pictures of my red mage taru taru from FFXI, i really put a lot of time into the little guy but he had to go for the sake of a social life. I still wonder if i could/at all possible go back to it, but i barely have time to just play SF4 as it is.

    He had brown hair, full artifact red mage armor, an Epee sword, and a big knights shield. The only thing the closest to it all i could find was this thumbnail, but mine didnt have blonde hair. Ill continue to look for bigger pics in similar costumes.

    He was the little engine that could, he was a "jack of all trades" in short. By the high levels i had a black mage, whie mage, ranger, and ninja sub jobs up to par.

    I was a Red Mage/Black Mage when i played with parties, and a dual wielding epee/dagger ninja (in the same gear) that couldnt be touched with all the white magic, black magic, red magic, and ninjitsu i had.

    I always wished they would have patched in a big red cape like red mages in different SE series have had.
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    I'll pass this on to the rest of the RF crew and see if anyone there bites.

    I might be interested in this myself, maybe something for the ol' homepage.

    PS - in a related note, I asked Rahmbo to do up the Imp from SotN getting a massive erection over a switch that has not yet been used (running RF joke "OH A SWITCH!!") and he has yet to deliver. This is your chance!
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