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Thread: What do the colors mean?

  1. Question What do the colors mean?

    Just curious.

  2. There are different color sets for different skins (that is, one skin might use gold where another uses yellow), but generally speaking: gold/yellow is for administrators (italics) and moderators (bold), blue is for TNL Legends, green is for subscribers (no ads). In addition, bold with normal link color means the person is a Veteran not in any other group. Users can choose which group to publicly identify with through their User CPs (control panels). The easiest way to figure out group membership is on the "Show Groups" page.

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  5. I am a TNL Legend. Here and in real life.

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  6. #6
    This is what ordinary looks like.

  7. And you're in the Vet group, so your user name is bold.

  8. Are there people that post here who aren't vets?
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  9. Yes. Look for unbolded user names - though some, like Cowutopia, may have chosen not to display their names with any embellishments. You can choose in your User CP (top left of any forum page) how to display your user name.


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